What to bring from Rome

Rome is a city of contrasts, romance, history, ancient buildings, amazing cobbled streets. When you come to Rome for the first time, it is a great experience, a true love with the city, so you to come back here again and again.  People wants to collect memories from this lovely city, so they buy unique Rome’s souvenirs not only with Rome’s sights, but also something truly Italian. A gift selection is impressive, ranging from such classics as - statuettes and finishing magnets of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and miniature sculptures of Pope and other important land famous Italian people.

Where to souvenirs in Rome 

Souvenirs are sold in almost every street and corner of Rome. The first impression of the city - the city is literally swamped with goods for the tourists. But do not harry to purchase a magnet or a wall panels in the first shop. There are different price tags and the variety of souvenirs is huge. Even if you have only a couple of days to explore the dream-city, the best option is that on the first day of you trip you should look through prices and goods, and in the second or third day make thoughtful purchases. The first thing you mast to consider, is that many sellers want to sold Chinese products and goods like they are Italian one. No one want to bring with them Italian souvenir, which is actually labeled "Made in China". Many Rome’s street stalls are full of low-quality products from the Asian country. The best option is to go to the specialized souvenir stores. Especially when it comes to you yourself. And for friends you can buy and magnets, postcards, openers for bottles, in the small stores with lower prices.
And, if you want to surprise your family and your friend by a truly authentic Italian souvenir, it is best to pay attention to the following shops and products offered by them.

Souvenirs of Rome 

Most common souvenirs from Rome - magnets, ashtrays, figurines
The magnets price starts from one and a half to two euros per unit and depends not only on product quality but also on the country which made it. In Rome, sixty percent of magnets are made in China. But you can find locally produced ones, if you wish. However, the price of Italian magnets often starts from two euros and above.
A special Rome’s feature is that you buy more and pay less. So, the more things you buy, the cheaper it will cost. But it is about one shop. If a magnet will cost 3 euros, the four magnets you’ll pay only 10 euros. The benefit is obvious.
The different unusual figures are very popular among tourists – like small copies of the Colosseum, the Roman soldiers, Roman amphorae, sculptures. The special category of gifts includes copies of weapons and firearms. The most important thing, if you buy such copy, is to ask the seller to give you a license, saying that the gun is not real, but only a copy. Otherwise, you may have some problems at the customs office. 

Wooden toys and wooden decorations 
Not far from the Pantheon, there is a wonderful shop called Bartolucci, which sells very beautiful and original toys, a variety of little things for home and interior, made of wood. Each souvenir is hand-made one. And this is easy to discover, just pick a small toy and feel it structure, smell it. The first thing that amazes, it is the smell of fresh wood, the second -is a huge variety of different wooden goods which are placed on shelves, hanging on the walls, hanging on the ceiling, big and small watches, jewelry boxes, toy soldiers, and many other interesting things! Handmade is in every detail, every line and every dyed element.
There is no an average cost, because everything is so different and has different price. It depends on the quality of the product, its size, design. The average price tag for a desk clock is 20 euros. Wooden weapons - a copy – cost about 13-14 euros. The cost of caskets starts from 3-4 euros and above. For the collectors of art the model of airplanes will be the perfect gift, there are also cars or helicopters, the price starts from 40 euros and above.
Адрес мастерской "La Bottega del Soldatino": via Lago di Lesina, 13.

Tin soldiers – a little Rome’s symbol
If you want to buy an original and very unusual gift, which symbolize Italy, then you should definitely visit the small family shop – “La Bottega del Soldatino”. It offers a vise variety of small toy soldiers so you cannot even decide what to choose. The store presents small horses and soldiers, dating back to different eras and military actions, figures of civilians. Each model is hand-made, also it is painted by the master without the use of any machines. Such gifts are not for small kinds, but for truly collectors. 
Address "La Bottega del Soldatino": via Lago di Lesina, 13.

Murano Glass
It's nice to drink soft drinks or wine using Murano glasses. You take the glass and feel Italy! 
There are many specialized shops selling souvenirs in Rome with sections where you can find Murano glass. A distinctive feature of Murano glassware are bright, saturated colors. The glasses are opaque, so it’s difficult to see the true color of wine, for example. But they are still beautiful and charming. The dishware is always unique. It is very difficult to find two identical sets of dishes, because it is produced mainly in a one copy ... and it cost some money. The cost of one stack for vodka will vary from 6 to 9 euros, the cost of glasses for liqueur starts from 14 euros, one glass costs about 15 euros. You can buy the imitation of Murano glass – a set of 6 stacks for vodka will cost only 20-25 euros.
Murano glass is used for the production of decorative items, vases, jewelry, including bracelets, pendants, necklaces. The price for earrings is about 10 euros, for the bracelet you will pay about 25 euros. The cost for a vase (depends on its size) starts from € 20 and above.

Ceramic handmade tableware
Ceramic tableware always brings memories of Rome! You can buy handmade ceramic tableware in specialized stores on the main tourist streets. Tableware are made by local artists. The entire production process, from sketches to painting are done by hand. The price for tableware is not, but it is better to overpay and buy a really original gift for yourself or for your loved ones. For example, a small cup and saucer for tea or coffee can be bought for 20 euros, vase, pitcher are about 30 euros and above. The price also depends on the type of painting. Simple drawings are cheaper than bright and colorful one.  

Venetian mask - a vivid symbol of Rome
One of the most original gifts from Rome is the Venetian mask. There is a wide variety of masks in varied materials (leather, wood, plastic, glass), of staining techniques, and the different quality. On average, the price tag starts from 10 euros. 

Religious and mythological souvenirs
The Roman Catholic religion and belief in general are very respected in Rome. Almost every souvenir shop offers souvenirs connected with myths: religious goods, statues of saints, figures of Pope, icons, oil lamps and much more. The cost is diverse and depends on the size of the product and the material from which it is made.
You can find very popular figurines of mythological character: Lupa Capitolina (Rome’s character), gladiators, Roman chariots, etc. Here you can also purchase the ancient Roman coins.

Delicious chocolates “Baci” and Tuscan biscuits
The most delicious Tuscan biscuits called " Cantuccini" are another symbol of delicious Rome. Cantuccini may be with different fillings, but most often it has almonds or chocolate flavor. It is especially tasty with the Tuscan wine. An excellent dessert!
And if you have a sweet tooth, we recommend you buy delicious chocolates "Baci". 

"Limoncello" Liqueur - tastiest Italian product
Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy. Traditionally, limoncello is made from the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons, also known as Sorrento or Sfusato lemons. Lemon zest, or peels without the pith, is steeped in rectified spirit until the oil is released. The resulting yellow liquid is then mixed with simple syrup. Its sweet-sour flavor and sticky texture attract everyone. Italians love to add Limoncello to coffee. But, be careful, it is tasty but still strong.

Italian cheese, ham, pasta - gastronomic memories of Rome!
If you want to buy some tasty food as a souvenir, your best choices will be:
- Cheese "Mozzarella-li-Buffalo", made from buffalo milk
- Cheese "Asiago"
- Cheese "Parmigiano Reggiano"
- Cheese "Pecorino" made from sheep milk
- Parma ham "San Daniele"
- Paste "Pugliese"
- Olive oil “Tuscany”
- Flavored vinegars.