Saint-Petersburg: Information for tourists



Peter the Great founded this wonderful city in 1703 on the reclaimed territory in time of the Northen War with Sweden. At first, it was just a fortress called Sankt-Peter-Burg, like it was used to be said in the Netherlands. The fortress was built on Zayachy Island, near by The Gulf of Finland, in the lower reaches of the Neva river and named in honor of the apostle Peter (today its known as Petropavlovskaya fortress). In 1720 Sankt-Peter-Burg became Sankt-Peterburg up to the German style of pronounciation.
The name of the city changed several times during 300 years of its existence. In times of Nikolay the Second it was called Petrograd, Soviet Union made it Leningrad, but in 1991 it turned into Saint-Petersburg again.
Interesting fact: Saint-Petersburg is the only city which was fully planned by Peter the Great. That's why all the architecture and Petersburg's streets (especially in the centre) is the result of Tsar's doings.


The city is 720 kilometres from Moscow, near by the Gulf of Finland. The whole territory is about 600 km^2. Petersburg is known for its rivers and channels, which separete it into the islands connected with bridges. The city is devided in 18 areas. But tourists ought to know only about 3 of them.
Central District
Includes historical part and business center. There are no modern skyscrapers here. All the buildings look like they were in Peter's times. Nevsky Prospect is the place where the main sights could be found.
Petrogradsky District
Lays a bit to the North from the centre. It is between the Neva, Bolshaya Nevka and Malaya Nevka rivers. Here is Petrogradsky Island. Meant to be the most prestigious city area.
Vasileostrovsky District
This is the west side, connected with center and Petrogradsky District by 4 bridges. Folks usually call it "Vas'ka".


Pulkovo airport
Adress: Pulkovskoe sh., St Petersburg, 196140
Phone: +7 (812) 337-38-22

The third busiest airport in Russia. The first two are the Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports in Moscow. It serves either enternal, or international flights. Situated from 20km from the city center. Here you can shop in "Duty Free", have a bite in a restaurant or a cafe. There are storages, a nursery and a hotel on the territory.
How to get to the city from the airport:
-take a taxi- order it in the "Taxi Pulkovo" stand (it will cost 900 rubles to the center), or take a private cab in front of the main enterence (but the price could be higher);
-go by bus- #39 and #39Э (fare is 28 rubles) or a minibus #39K (fare is 36 rubles). The bus stop is right on the exit of airport. You can use a bus from 5:30 to 0:30;
-rent a car- "Europcar", "AVIS", "Naprokat", "Hertz"
Railway stations
There are 5 stations here.
Moskovskiy vokzal
Adress: Nevsky pr., 85
Phone: +7 (812) 457-44-28
Metro: "Mayakovskaya", "Ploshchad' Vosstaniya"
The main and the largest station. Daily from this station to Mocow goes high-speed train "Sapsan".
Finlyandskiy vokzal
Adress: pl. Lenina, 6
Phone: +7 (812) 457-32-46
Metro: "Lenin Square"
The largest station operating suburban areas.
Ladozhskiy vokzal
Adress: Zanevskiy prosp., 73
Phone: +7 (812) 436-53-10
Metro: "Ladozhskaya"
The largest and the most modern of all.
Baltiyskiy vokzal
Adress: nab. Obvodnogo Kanala, 120
Phone: +7 (812) 457-28-59
Metro: "Baltiyskaya"
Vitebskiy vokzal
Adress: Zagorodnyi prospekt, 52
Phone: +7 (812) 436-43-36
Metro: "Pushkinskaya"
The oldest one.
Bus station
Adress: nab. Obvodnogo Kanala, 36
Metro: "Obvodny Canal"
Bus routes to the cities of Russia, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Germany. 
In addition to the bus station, there are 5 bus stops:
-from the Baltic station- routes to Estonia, Germany; commercial bus #K404, #424a - to the Petergof, Strelna, Oranienbaum;
-from Dybenko station- bus #575, minibus #K575 to Kirovsk, Shlisselburg;
-"Staraya Derevnya"- bus #510, minibus #K510 to Kronstadt;
-"Chernaya Rechka"- minibus #405, #406 to Kronstadt, Razliv, Sestroretzk;
-"Ozerki", "Prospect Posvescheniya", "Parnas"- bus #850 to Vyborg, bus #830 to Primorsk
Marine Station
Adress: pl. Morskoy Slavy, 1
Metro: "Primorskaya", from the station by minibus K6K, K359A or by trolleybus #10. Ferries to Helsinki. Cruises: Helsinki - Stockholm - Tallinn.
River Station
Adress: prospekt Obukhovskoy Оborony, 195
Metro: "Lomonosovskaya", "Proletarskaya".
- along the Volga river
- to Moscow
- to the nearest islands: Valaam, Konevets, Kizhi, Solovetskiye.


Transport infrastructuly is well developed.
Working hours: daily, from 5:35 to 24:25.
Fare is 35 rubles.
The fastest, most popular and convinient transport. Ivludes 5 lines with 67 stations. 10/20/40 travels cards are available. You can pay by a credit card too.
Central stations:
-Vladimirskaya / Dostoyevskaya
-Gostinyy dvor / Nevskiy prospekt
-Ploshchad' Vosstaniya / Mayakovskaya
-Ligovskiy Prospekt
-Ploshchad' Aleksandra Nevskogo I / Ploshchad' Aleksandra Nevskogo II
-Pushkinskaya / Zvenigorodskaya
Buses and minibuses
Not less popular then metro, accounting 40% of social traffic. 
Fare is 35 rubles.
Working hours: from 5:30 to 24:00/1:00. 
There are 5 bus routes fully duplicating metro lines, which are available only on Friday-to-Saturday night from midnight to 6:00. Fare is the same as during the day. Minibuses work from 6:30 to 23:30. Fare is from 35 rubles. Following the route may stop after requesting, if its possible.
Trolleybuses and trams
Working hours: from 5:25/6:00 to 24:00/1:00.
Fare is 30 rubles.
Are indispensable means of trasport, accounting 20% of social traffic. Working hours may be varified.
Water transport
Working hours: from 8:00 to 19:50
Fare is 100 rubles(adultes), 50 rubles(children).
You can use "aquabus" during all the summer season: from June to mid Septemeber. The way starts at "Ploshad' Lenina" metro station and goes to "Staraya derevnya". Makes 4 stops at the dockы during the voyage.
A wide variaty of taxi are ready to help you. The fare is usually about 30 rubles per km.
Taxi services:
- "Такси-Mercedes", +7 (812) 326-00-00;
- "Народное такси", +7 (812) 40-777-40;
- "Такси 777", +7 (812) 777-1-777;
- "Новое желтое такси", +7 (812) 600-88-88;
- "Белые ночи", +7 (812) 927-25-24;
- "Яндекс-такси", +7 903 096 54 54, +7 (812) 9-800-700.
Car rent
No doubt, a private car both with and without a driver is the most convinient way to travel.
Car rental services:
- "Cars For Rent", +7 (812) 425-16-83;
- "Carrenta", +7 (812) 612-00-30;
- "Pilot-auto", +7 (812) 339-57-30;
- "AVIS", 8(800) 250-12-13;
- "AmegaCar", +7(812)3 -100-100.


You may chose any one you want from the really great amount of hotels and hostels. Besides the prices are very reasonable. But in holiday seasons (especially in the period of wight nights) the cheapest variants are all usually occupied, so you need to book in advance.
Central district:  "Бонн-Апарт", "Юлана", "Mansarda S. Hostel", "Arooms", "Dolche Vita", "Веселый жираф", "Good Morning".
Василевский остров: "Days", "Online Hostel", "СоНата", "AquaHostel", "Априори".
Petrogradsky District:  "Pop-Art", "Like Home Hostel", "Фортуна на Кронверкском", "Алые паруса", "Всё путем", "1912".
5*: "Астория", "Гранд-отель Европа", "Radisson", "Коринтия", "Англетер", "Эмеральд".
4*: "Октябрьская", "Park Inn Невский", "Росси", "Невский Форум", "Red Stars".
3*: "Невский берег", "Aglaya Hotel & Courtyard", "Галерея", "Polo Regatta Hotel", "Good Night", "Карелия".


The city has plenty of places where you can eat realy very well! There are thematic places with unique cuisine, for example meat restaurant "Meat Head", vegetarian cafe "Укроп" or healthy cafee "На парах". Each  place is cosy in its individual way, has its own atmophere and style.
Bars go separetly. If there were no bars in Saint-Petersburg, it wouldn't be itself. Especially bars make a holiday feeling in peoples minds. Petersburg is the the only city in Russia which has so many bars. They are like worship places with the unique traditions of drinking. 
- cafe network "Пироговый дворик", Neberezhnaya kanala Griboyedova, 22; Razyezzhaya ul., 6; Botkinskaya ul., 15к1 and others;
- "Ботаника", ul. Pestelya, 7;
- "Литературное", Nevsky pr., 18;
- "Чердак художника", ul. Lomonosova, 1;
- "Biblioteka", Nevsky pr., 20
- "Ауровилль", ul. Radishcheva, 3;
- "Any Pasta", Nevsky pr., 11;
- "Марципан", Grazhdanskiy pr., 113 корпус 3;
- "Marketplace", Nevsky pr., 24;
- "Невский дворик", Povarskoy per., 4;
- "Obed Bufet", Nevsky pr., 114;
- "Бекицер", ul. Rubinshteyna, 40;
- "Jamie's Italian", Konyushennaya pl., 2;
- "Крокодил", Galernaya ul., 18;
- restaurant network "Чайная ложка", Nevsky pr., 180; ul. Vosstaniya, 13; pr. Chernyshevskogo, 38 and others; 
- "Большая кухня", Ligovskiy pr., 30;
- "Летучий голландец", Mytninskaya ul., 6;
- "Capuletti", Bolshoy prospekt PS, 74;
- restaurant network "Марчелли’s", Nevsky pr., 21; park Aleksandrovskiy, 4/3; ul. Vosstaniya, 15;
- "Баклажан", Ligovskiy pr., 30;
- "Москва city", Petrogradskaya naberezhnaya, 18;
- "Beef Bar Vosem", pl. Aleksandra Nevskogo, 2;
- "Erarta Cafe", 29 lin. Vasilyevskogo ostrova, 2;
- "Porto Maltese", Nevsky pr., 174;
- restaurant network "Теремок", Nevsky pr., 93; ul. Vosstaniya, 32; Ligovskiy pr., 30А; Sadovaya ulitsa, 32 and others;
Famous bars:
- "El Copitas", Kolokolnaya ul., 2; 
- "Gin Tonic Bar", Liteynyy pr., 64;
- "Poison", ul. Rubinshteyna, 13;
- "Tesla Bar", ul. Rubinshteyna, 30;
- "Арка", Bolshaya Konyushennaya ul., 27;
- "The Hat", ul. Belinskogo, 9;
- "812", ul. Zhukovskogo, 11;
- "Барслона", ul. Rubinshteyna, 26;
- "Union Bar", Liteynyy pr., 55;
- "Стирка 40°", Kazanskaya ul., 26.


Shopping in Saint-Petersburg is the best way to explore the city and get to know with local places of history and culture. It can be really hard to chose where to go from the giant number of different shops. All the most famed are on the Nevskiy, Ligovskiy prospects and on the Bolshoy prospect in the Petrogradskiy district. Most of them work daily with no brakes or holidays.
Working hours: 10:00-21:00/22:00.
Shopping malls:
- "Галерея", Ligovskiy pr., 30А, working hours: 10:00-23:00, daily;
- "Невский центр", Nevsky pr., 114, working hours: 10:00-23:00;
- "Владимирский пассаж", Vladimirskiy pr., 19;
- "Гранд Каньон", prospekt Engelsa, 154, working hours: 10:00-22:00;
- "Большой Гостиный Двор", Nevsky pr., 35, working hours: 10:00-22:00;
- "Планета Нептун", ul. Marata, 86, working hours: 10:00-21:00;
- "Атмосфера", Komendantskaya pl., 1, working hours: 10:00-22:00;
- "Родео Драйв", pr. Kultury, 1, working hours: 10:00-22:00;
- "Питерлэнд", Primorskiy prosp., 72, working hours: 10:00-22:00;
Petersburg design boutiques:
- "Мастерская Ларисы Погорецкой", Angliyskiy pr., 21/60, studio 38;
- "Дом моды Татьяны Парфеновой", Nevsky pr., 51, working hours: 12:00-20:00, daily;
- "Бутик Яниса Чамалиди", Bolshoy prospekt, 55/6, working hours: 11:00-21:00, daily;
- "Модный дом Лилии Киселенко", Kirochnaya ul., 47, working hours: 9:00-21:00, daily;
- "Дом моды Tanya Kotegova", Bolshoy prospekt, 44, working hours: 12:00-20:00, daily;
- "Модный дом Карета" - internet boutique.
Large shopping centers:
- "МеГа Парнас", "МеГа Дыбенко", Murmanskoye sh., 12км, working hours: 10:00-23:00;
- "ЛеТо", Pulkovskoe sh., 25/1, working hours: 10:00-22:00;
- "Европолис", Polyustrovskiy pr., 84a, working hours: 10:00-22:00;
- "Лиговъ", Ligovskiy pr., 153, working hours: 10:00-22:00;
- "Атлантик Сити", ul. Savushkina, 126, working hours: 11:00-22:00;
- "Заневский каскад", Zanevskiy prosp., 71, working hours: 10:00-22:00;
- "Пик", ul. Efimova, 2, working hours: 10:00-22:00;
- "Радуга", pr. Kosmonavtov, 14, working hours: 10:00-22:00.


Nobody stays indifferent to Saint-Petersburg after the first date with the city. Nobody! Its flawless beauty and charm fall in the memory forever. Every street and house has its own history, mentellity and continues to form them with the surroundings, appearing to be alive.
Genius writers, poets, scientists, artists, musiciants lived and worked in Saint-Petersburg. Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Blok, Akhmatova, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mendeleev, Bekhterev, Shishkin, Repin all lived in Saint-Petersburg. An anormous amount of poetry, drama, movies, songs are devoted to this graceful city.
It is the place, where the largest part of cultural heritage of Russia is kept. Most of the relics are in UNESCO  World Heritage. This city is truly the most creative and the most romantic of all cities in our country. It could be admired again and again. Here, as nowhere else, you feel very free and easy. No wonder, that it is among the ten most attractive tourist cities in the world today.


St. Petersburg is literally rich in sights, especially in its central part, where every architectual piece is a significant historical object.
Everybody knows Nevsky Prospect. And Nevsky is known by its beauty. Here you will be able to know the city closely, see the most beautiful, majestic creations of architecture, magnificent monuments of sculpture, visit world famous museums, theaters, and fully enjoy the spirit of St. Petersburg. 
Well, let's begin our introduction to all this magnificence!


Peter and Paul Fortress was founded May 27, 1703. This date is the birthday of the city. There are Peter and Paul Cathedral, Grand Ducal Burial Vault, Mint, Boathouse, The Brig, 6 bastions, 2 ravelins, the Treasury and other buildings inside.
Curiosities was created by architect G. Mattarnovi in 1718-1734 years. This is a monument to Peter the Great's Baroque. It was assumed this was where to store all sorts of outlandish bagatelles brought by Peter I of his trips abroad.
Palace Square is the central square of the city, where you can find:
-Winter Palace - the main historical building of St. Petersburg, the former residence of Russian emperors, the magnificent architectural monument of the XVIII century;
- Alexander Column - symbol of victory in the War of 1812;
- General Staff -  an 580 meter arc-form building consisting of two towers connected with a great triumphal arch (symbol of the triumph and the glory of Russia);
- Admiralty - in 1704 both a major shipyard and a fortress, where warships were produced. The headquarters of the Navy now.
St. Isaac's Cathedral is the largest Orthodox church, delightful in its beauty and grandeur of the architectural monument. Cathedral was built in 1858 by the famous architect Auguste Montferrand. Its coverage was held on May 30 that year, the feast day of St. Isaac of Dalmatia. The Cathedral was named in his honor. Observation deck gives you anexcellent view of whole St. Petersburg from a height of 43 meters.
Bronze Horseman is a monument to Peter I, built by the great Catherine II's request. Celebrations on the occasion of its opening took place on August 7, 1782.
Senate and Synod are the two famous buildings, combined with the transition arch sculptural composition "Justice and Piety", symbolizing the importance of the existence of these institutions in the Russian Empire.
Mariinsky Theatre is the world-famous Russian theater, built in 1860 by Alberto Kovosom and named in honor of the Empress Maria Alexandrovna. The world-famous Russian and foreign stars of opera and ballet perform their shows here.
Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood is an amazingly beautiful church, built in 1883 under an order of Alexander III in the place of the assassination of Alexander II .
Kazan Cathedral is a magnificent peace of architecture, designed by Andrei Voronikhin. Paul I really wanted church to remind the Roman temple of St. Peter's Basilica and the architect made his dream come true. The idea to name the Cathedral in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God also belonged to Paul I. The first ston was laid in 1801 when Alexander I ruled. Construction was completed in 1811.
Alexander Garden, named in honor of Alexander II, was opened in 1874. Everything was provided for walking or horse riding here.
Alexander Nevsky Lavra is the current Orthodox monastery. 1713 year is the year when contruction began. There are several cemeteries with graves of famous figures of XVIII-XIX centuries.
Summer Garden, founded in 1704 by decree of Peter I, is the oldest garden in the city. It was a royal residence, where the emperors either relaxed or spent sumptuous balls. But today the garden is ready to become a place where the visitor could chill and enjoy its grace and simplicity at the same time.
Nevsky Prospect is the main avenue of the cultural capital. All the most famous houses, monuments of history and architecture are situated here.
Russian Museum was created by the order of Nicholas II. Its grand opening was held in 1898. It is the first museum of fine arts in Russia.
Cruiser "Aurora" is the legendary ship, named after the frigate "Aurora" defended Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky during the Crimean War. It participated in the war with Japan in 1904-1905, in the First World War, in the 1917 October Revolution. Served as a platform for reflection attacks of the Germans during World War II. The ship became a memorial-museum in 1944 year.
Peterhof is a real masterpiece, desirable rural residence of Peter I, built in 1710. It is known for its more than two hundred magnificent fountains. Today it is a museum-reserve, consisting of the palace and park complexes. They are wonderful examples of the combination of architecture, engineering and the natural forces of nature.
Gatchina. The history of this city begins from the time of Empress Catherine II, who gave these lands to the Count Grigory Orlov. The main historical building Gatchina is a splendid 146 acre palace park.


- Hermitage;
- Museum of the History of St. .Petersburg;
- House of Peter I;
- Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography named after Peter the Great;
- All-Russian Museum named after AS Pushkin;
- Menshikov Palace;
- Mikhailovsky Castle;
- Military-Historical Museum of Artillery;
- "Grand Model Russia";
- Botanical Museum;
- Palace of the Counts Sheremetev;
- Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta;
- The Marble Palace;
- Museum "The Universe of water";
- Petersburg Planetarium.
All in all it is about 250 museums in St.-Petersburg.


- Mariinsky;
- Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater;
- Alexandrinsky;
- St. Michael;
- Drama Theatre Komissarzhevskaya;
- Theatre Lensoviet;
- "Baltic House";
- Comedy Theatre. NP Akimov;
- Maly Drama (European Theatre);
- Theatre on Foundry.
There are more than 70 theatres in general.


- Traditional Russian gifts: Matryoshka, samovar, gzhel, utensils objects - painted wooden spoons, mugs and more;
- Famous Imperial Porcelain;
- Various magnets, calendars, key rings with the symbols of St. Petersburg;
- Souvenir tableware: cups, spoons, plates;
- Postcards, albums with views of the city;
- Gift editions about St. Petersburg (a huge selection of books in the shops "Barrister");
- Umbrella as a symbol of the city;
- Bronze miniatures (for example, the Bronze Horseman, the Alexander Column, "Chyzhyk-Pyzhik" and others);
- Branded chocolate products from the confectionary named after NK Krupskaya;
- Old coins, stamps (flea market).
Where to buy:
- Numerous souvenir shops are located throughout the Nevsky Prospect;
- Creative gifts can be purchased at the Artem Lebedev store(Liteiny prospect, 54);
- A large selection of souvenirs in "Perino ranks" (ul. Duma, 4), in the "House of Books" (Nevsky Prospect, 28), in the underpass (near Gostiny Dvor), as well as near by parking cruiser "Aurora" (the prices for souvenirs are one of the lowest).


1. "Guest Card" is a must-have thing for every Saint-P visitor. It includes:
- Visiting the main attractions of the city;
- Priority in the queue at the entrance;
- Free rides / discounts on buses, trolleybuses, trams;
- A guide and a map of the city;
- Special offers in restaurants and stores.
The cost of card depends on the season and number of days of stay. In high season, from May to October, for two days - 2000 rubles; seven - 4500 rubles. From November to April 2 days - and 2,000 rubles; 7 - 4200 rubles.
2. Each of you has a chance to see the unique phenomenon in its beauty - the white nights. The season begins about 25th of May and lasts until the beginning of July.
3. That's a fact, St. Petersburg is an "open-air museum of bridges". Draw bridges are especially interesting:
- Exchange bridge;
- Trinity bridge;
- Palace bridge;
- Annunciation bridge;
- Alexander Nevsky bridge;
- Volodarsky bridge;
- Grenadier bridge;
- Tuchkov bridge;
- Kantemirovsky bridge;
- Foundry bridge;
- Bolsheokhtinsky bridge;
- Sampson bridge;
- Finland bridge.
Are swang from late April to mid-November. There is a schedule of drawing bridges. This time is usually like from 1:30/2:00 to 5:00/5:30.
4. Free to visit:
- Peter-Pavel's Fortress;
- Kazan Cathedral;
- Summer, Alexandrovsky Garden;
- Alexander Nevsky Lavra;
- Champ de Mars;
- Nicholas-Epiphany Naval Cathedral;
- St. Petersburg bridges: the most famous are Palace, Anichkov, Trinity, Lion, Exchange bridges and others.
5. Now the "Hermitage" Museum can be entered without waiting: the entrance is in the arch of the General Staff directly from the Palace Square.
6. By the way, you can go for free in certain museums on specially designated days:
- Hermitage: from 10:30 to 17:00 (the first Thursday of the month);
- Museum of the History of Religion: in the 1st Monday, 11: 00-18: 00;
- Naval: from 11:00 to 18:00 hours, the last Wednesday of the month;
- Museum of the avant-garde: Fridays, 11: 00-18: 00;
- Zoology: the last Thursday, except spring and autumn holidays school, 11: 00-18: 00;
- Puppet Museum: from 10 to 18 hours, the last Monday;
- Museum Icebreaker "Krasin": first Wednesday of the month;
- Museum of AV Suvorov: the first Sunday of the month;
- Central Museum of Soil Science: on Tuesdays.
There are also some free-to-visit museums:
- Museum of Russian submarine forces;
- St. Petersburg metro;
- Academy of Civil Aviation;
- Sampson Cathedral;
- History of photography.
Most of them you can visit on the "Night of Museums". The action is carried out in the mid-late May typically. Time: from 18:00 to 6:00. Fare is 350 rubles.
7. If you want to see real icebreakers, then your best bet is to come at the beginning of May, when the city hosts the Festival of icebreakers in the waters of the Big Neva. Fest usually ends with the coming out of legendary icebreaker "Krasin".
8. If you are interested in contemporary informal art, you are invited to the "Art Center on Pushkin, 10". But this place is actually on Ligovsky Avenue in front of the Moscow railway station and the shopping center "Gallery".
9. Follow the posters. Sometimes you can find something useful.
10. Parking lots are paid in the city center. A special parking meter can be always found near such a place. You can make a payment there. Fare is 60 rubles per hour, from 08:00 to 20:00.
11. The weather here can be very different and always depends on the season.
Spring: ruther cool, it begins to heat usually in the middle of May
Summer: it is warm, the average temperature in July is + 23 ° C, but it can't beextremly hot due to the  river channels.
Autumn: it is cool because of the cold winds blowing from the Gulf of Finland. You will probably need waterproof clothing and footwear, warm clothes.
Winter: it is not as cold as dank. Be sure to take warm scarves, hats, mittens, warm winter waterproof and non-slip shoes, as well as a moisturizer and moisturizing lipstick.
Remember, an umbrella is the most urgant thing in Saint-Petersburg. It may start raining any time.
The weather is very changeable (a cold wind can suddenly blow in summer, and  it could start raining in the winter ).
12. Never pay in advance renting of an apartment. There are enough crooks in the city!
13. There are a lot of eateries in the city, where you can eat tasty and inexpensive. "Столовая № 1" is one of them.
14. Valuables should be left at home, in a hotel safe, when you are going for a walk.
15. As for the money. The more, the better. 
16. And one more thing - do not use navigators, better ask the people how to find a particular house or street. Believe me, you will get great pleasure from intercourse, and become closer to Peter.

Come to this wonderful city. It is waiting for you!


The Winter Palace in Saint-Petersburg
The Winter Palace in Saint-Petersburg

The Winter Palace is an amazing huge building. Its look charms and it seems that the palace hides many secrets. Situated between the Palace Embankment and the Palace Square the Winter Palace fascinates thousands of visitors which come there every year.

Peter and Paul Fortress
Peter and Paul Fortress

It is a unique building that plays crucial role in St. Petersburg’s appearance. There is an interesting fact that the fortress was built as a defensive object, but it has never participated in a serious battle.

Cathedral of the Resurrection on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg
Cathedral of the Resurrection on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is distinguished by numerous beautiful buildings. Each of them attracts many people every day! The one of the unique masterpieces of architecture in St. Petersburg is The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood.