Victory Park in Kazan

Address:  the park is located at the intersection of the street Bondarenko and the prospect of Hussain Yamashev.
Working Hours: works every day, around the clock.

Kazan is a huge city with a rich history. It boasts an abundance of ancient monuments, fascinating museums and state-of-the-art sports facilities, as well as numerous public gardens. Kazan’s parks not only a wonderful place for a pleasant relaxation, but also, they tell the important stories about this great the city, and about all the events which happened with our country. One of such places to relax located in the Novo-Savinovsky district. The huge memorial complex covers an area of 50 hectares. It is dedicated to one of the most important events of the past millennium - the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The history of the construction of the Victory Park

The first signs of development of the territory, which now is occupied by the park, emerged in the seventies of the last century. On quite swampy area were planted 1418 seedlings. This number of trees has a special meaning: this is the number of the days of a bloody war. The memorial complex was built within one year. It happened in 1995, the event was dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The main objects of the Victory Park

The Memorial to The Heroes 

The memorial is a pantheon - each column stands as it grows out of a flower bed. Above the columns, there are commemorative plaques of marble, which show the names of two hundred glorious heroes of the Soviet Union. All of them were natives of the Republic of Tatarstan, and were received the award for their invaluable contribution to the great victory of the Soviet people over fascism. In the center of the memorial, there is the sacred eternal fire, near which in a sign of eternal gratitude, the young generation of Kazan’s residents in turn keeps a watch. Not only Kazan’s people lay flowers here, but the officials, while visiting the capital of the Republic.

The Victory Stela

The stela is located at one of the entrances of the park complex. However, a symbol of glory, and the victory of the world - its crowning laurel wreath – is perfectly visible from any part of the park, because its height is 42 meters. On a pedestal, in front of the stele, there are two sculptures: The warrior-defender, holding a sword in his hand, and the woman-mother, hugging the child. Between them – there is a shield, symbolizing the Victory.

Military Equipment Exhibition

The museum of heavy weapons in the open air is located in Victory Park. Here you can get acquainted with examples of military equipment, with which Russian soldiers defended the world. Among them there are tanks, planes, anti-tank guns and other weapons; modern military equipment complements the interesting exposition.

Monuments in the alleys.

The Victory Park has several alleys which are somehow connected with the war. The monuments installed along the paths symbolize memory of this event. For example, the alley of sailors features the monument dedicated to dead sailors, and the alley widows and mothers of dead soldiers – the Monument to the Mother of a Soldier.

Entertainment in the Park

The vast territory of the park offers a variety of leisure activities. You can not just take a walk here, but also skate or ride a bike. Children will enjoy horse and pony riding. Summer cafes will give an opportunity not only to rest, but also to eat a delicious food. Moreover, you can have a photo shoot here with a background of the monuments and the legendary military equipment. 
Kazan’s Victory Park is a place where the younger generation in a pleasant atmosphere get to know the country's history and get acquainted with the heroes.
Such parks are the best helpers to make a sense of patriotism in young generation. They help to grow the new defenders of our country. And, of course, they honor the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.